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IBM AD-4214N AC ADAPTER 14Vdc 3A Used -( ) 1x4.4x6x10mm 100-240v

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IBM AD-4214N AC ADAPTER 14Vdc 3A New -( ) 1x4.4x6x10mm 100-240v

IBMAD-4214N AC ADAPTER 14Vdc 3A New -( ) 1x4.4x6x10mm 100-240vac 31P7255 POWER SUPPLY For IBM Samsung & Dell 17 LCD Samsung LTM1555 15 monitor And More

Condition : New
Content : One Power Supply only

Model Number: AD-4214N, AD4214N, 4214N
IBM FRU Part Number: 31P7255
Compatible: 91-58233
DellAD-4214N, GH17P, AD-4214L, BN44-00080A, SCV420108, BN44-00058A
IBM , Samsung Ad-4214N , 1588-3366

Input Voltage: 100-240Vac ~1-0.5A 50/60Hz 80-99VA
Output: dc 14V === 3A
Connector: Round Barrel With Pin Inside

Pin Size: 1 x 4.4 x 6.5 x 10 mm approx.

Dimension: 11.5 x 6 x 3 cm approx.
Weight: 325 grams.

Compatible With:
Dell 17 LCD monitors
Dell 19 LCD monitors
Dell 1701FP monitor
Dell 1702FP monitor
Dell 1900FP monitor
Dell 1500FP series monitors

1701FP, 1702FP, 1900FP, 1500FP series, 17" 19" LCD Samsung LTM1555, Samsung LTN1565 LCD 15" LCD monitors, Samsung LTM1555, Samsung LTN1565 15" LCD monitors, SyncMaster 150MP, SyncMaster 1501MP SyncMaster 152B, SyncMaster 152T, SyncMaster 570S TFT, SyncMaster 570V TFT 15" LCD monitors, SyncMaster 170T, SyncMaster 172B, SyncMaster 172S, SyncMaster 172T, SyncMaster 171P 17" LCD monitors, SyncMaster 180T 18" LCD monitors, SyncMaster 191T, SyncMaster 192T, 19" LCD monitors, SyncMaster 760V TFT, SyncMaster 770 TFT, 17" LCD monitors.

IBM 6657-xxx, 6658-xxx, 9512-xxx LCD Monitors

Samsung LTM1555 15 monitor
Samsung LTN1565 15 monitor
Samsung SyncMaster 150MP 15 monitor
Samsung SyncMaster 152B 15 monitor
Samsung SyncMaster 152T 15 monitor
Samsung SyncMaster 570S TFT 15 monitor
Samsung SyncMaster 570V TFT 15 monitor
Samsung SyncMaster 170T 17 monitor
Samsung SyncMaster 171P 17 monitor
Samsung SyncMaster 172B 17 monitor
Samsung SyncMaster 172S 17 monitor
Samsung SyncMaster 760V TFT 17 monitor
Samsung SyncMaster 770 TFT 17 monitor
Samsung SyncMaster 180T 18 monitor
Samsung SyncMaster 191T 19 monitor
Samsung SyncMaster 192T 19 monitor

Special Note :
(Item can be similar if exact match not available)
Please Research yourself with compatibility of your apparatus.
Some times Part no. Model no. or serial no. may or may not same but product will be compatible.
Please check product documentation for compatibility prior to purchase.
Information's are here for your reference only and accuracy can not be guaranteed

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IBMAD-4214N AC ADAPTER 14Vdc 3A New -( ) 1x4.4x6x10mm 100-240vac 31P7255 POWER SUPPLY For IBM Samsung & Dell 17 LCD Samsung LTM1555 15 monitor And More

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