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HP PA-1121-12H AC ADAPTER 18.5VDC 6.5A 2.5x5.5mm -( ) Used 100-

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HP PA-1121-12H AC ADAPTER 18.5VDC 6.5A 2.5x5.5mm -( ) New 100-

HPPA-1121-12H AC ADAPTER 18.5V DC 6.5A2.5x5.5mm -( ) New 100-240vac PPP017L391174-001 2.5mm Switching Power Supply for Notebook Computer

■ Condition: New - Like New - Working - Excellent
■ Content: One Adapter only

(Please make sure the output and the connector is same if yes it will fit for.)

Full range input, Single output.
AC adapter for indoor use.
■ Brand: HP / Hewlett Packard
■ Model: PPP017L
■ P/N.: 5525

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■Input voltage: 100-240Vac ~ 1.5A, 50 - 60Hz clover leaf

Output voltage: dc 18.5V === 6.5A 90W
■ Connector / Pin Type: Straight Round Barrel
Pin Diameter: 2.5 x 5.5 x 12 mm
Internal Diameter: 2.5mm
External Diameter: 5.5mm
Pin Length: 12mm

■ Dimensions: 16.7 x 6.3 x 3.8 cm approx. (Protruding Parts are not included)
■ Weight: 570 grams

To use with: laptops , Notebook Computer

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SAGER: Sager NP4060 Sager NP4080 Sager NP4760

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